• Hi, Chrismh. I saw your profile and I'm quite agreed that See-a is similar to Aoi. Both are genius and talented.
    And since I knew you from Aikatsu Fandom and you're one of the Admin there too... Are you perhaps interested in managing the Fandom here too? Since I can't managed it alone by myself and I trusted you since you're part of Aikatsu community (as I trusted all the Aikatsu Admin, as they are responsible). Let me know if you have decided. 😊

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    • Right? XD it's like they took Aoi and changed her up a little for this series.

      Oh yeah sure, I wouldn't mind being an Admin here. I plan to be here for a while and help out, and it might be a little more beneficial if I was one so that I can fix something I might be concerned over, or if someone was to suddenly show up to cause problems.

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    • Thanks for saying that. I just changed your status.
      Oh ya, do you know how to change Admin's name into color and different font mode? Like the one in All Aikatsu Fandom?

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    • I'm really sorry, but I don't. Surprisingly that's not something I learned, but I think it was Hielmiez or Jo who did it on the Aikatsu wiki, if you wanna ask them.

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    • Oh I see. Noted. Thank you for the advice.

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